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When a search in the past
becomes a search to yourself
A documentary roadmovie.



Raymond discovers the magical world of capturing motion pictures

by studying television journalism and years of experience in the field after that.

He shoots, directs and edits many famous Dutch television shows,

before he realises there's one thing more beautiful than creating television shows:

creating movies.

In 2016 he finishes his first film, the documentary Closer to Maarten.

This story about a young man's search for his missing brother,

in the mountains of Northern India, is selected for eleven film festivals worldwide

and wins a Golden Stone Award at the Scenecs International Film Festival.

In 2019 Raymond directed his first fiction film, Brugklas - De tijd van m'n leven.

This film, for a young audience, is about a group of kids in their first years at high school.

It was a big success and it won a Gold Film Award for more than 100K visitors.

Now he just finished his second documentary, Destination Sobibor,

about a young man's road trip to the remote former nazi camp Sobibor, in eastern Poland.

Later this year, his second fiction film Classroom 152 will be released for festival screenings.

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